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Publication date: 2018-10-17 22:00

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But Xfinity mobile will not price match Tmobile 8767 s Unlimited 55+ 7 lines $75/month plan, with taxes and fees included.

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Now it does say 8775 waiting for activation this may take some time 8776 but the sim is already activated?

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This is all very interesting. I called Verizon today to let them know that I was considering going to Xfinity Mobile. Wow! What a difference! I have been working Verizon for years trying to get them to lower my rates. They want their $655 no matter what! I travel all over the US and abroad for work. Hands-down Verizon is the best network. I can 8767 t afford not to have coverage. So when I saw that Comcast became an MVNO for Verizon, I was very excited. When I called Verizon and qouted the rates I got from Xfinity mobile, my plan went from $655 for my wife and I down to $. Boom! DirecTV negotiates. Xfinity negotiates. XM Radio negotiates. Verizon never negotiates until now! Thanks Xfinity Mobile!

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All the information you need to know about T-Mobile can be accessed via the official website at http://-. Customers can find out if service is available in their area, order new service, access their online account to change current service or find out more about Pay As You Go plans and phones.

Considering moving from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile today 8-5-7568 and there are two significant differences described above, 6) MMS, and 7) hotspot bandwidth. I doubt the issue raised over spam and the international issue is just something you need to be aware of in advance of traveling (Verizon might have an advantage). In any case, I 8767 m going to call verizonwireless, tell them my intentions, and listen to any offers they might propose.

Mobile carriers typically use different frequencies and technology to provide wireless network access. So, not all phones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices are compatible between every mobile carrier. Even if your phone, tablet, or mobile Internet device is compatible with carriers, your device may not operate the same on a different mobile carrier 8767 s network. Please review your device functionality with any new carrier's network to make sure that the services are operating as expected. For more information about T-Mobile 8767 s network compatibility requirements, see Bring Your Own Device.

What about security if you use an Xfinity hotspot? Are they the same hotspots I can use now, since I 8767 m already a Comcast customer for internet? One other thing. Any recommendations for a good Anti-virus on Android phones?

Since T-Mobile has started this 8775 no contract 8776 scheme, clients who are on contracts are being charged fees that are being originated from the no contract side..Now if your phone and internet get shut off for non- payment on time, you will be charged $ per line instead of the original flat fee of $. Also, your leaway of when you can make your payment, has gone from a 8 week lenency to a 65 day. But T-Mobile has cut me off after just 9 days from billing date.. So, if I 8767 m going to have to follow the new rules for 8775 non contracted 8776 clients, I feel like my contact should become nul and void..

refund is due you should honor it. your customer service is horrible because i had easy pay you got me good that 8767 s okay///i see from the other customers comments that you are not a company i want to buy from ever again.

Same problem as everyone above VERY difficult to transact payments on T-Mobile. Very frustrating. They told me we could pay for at Walmart, drove all the way to one, stood in long line, they tell me they DO NOT take payments there or did not know How to. Wasted time, wasted gas unacceptable. This is more trouble than it 8767 s worth. Switching to AT& T

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Contact T-Mobile Customer Service Tmobile prepaid rate plans

Contact T-Mobile Customer Service. Find T-Mobile Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, 800 Number, Chat and T-Mobile FAQ. Speak An Xfinity Mobile review from a skeptical long-time Xfinity Comcast customer, that takes an in-depth look at what Xfinity Mobile is, what network it runs on (Verizon t-mobile prepaid rate plans, t-mobile cell rates