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I need to correct my previous question. I said charge from a balanced state. I meant to say charge from a storage state. Thanks, Jackbv

Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 500mAh

The other possibility is that It has something to do with your PS to the B6. If the PS can't handle the amps/volts asked of it, the unit will shut down. 9 amps for a volt battery is something like 87 watts! My little 67 watt PS I use couldn't handle that either.

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Charging Lithium Ion/Polymer - Microchip Technology

For high power/high voltage, large custom lithium ion battery packs (which are used mostly as Electric Vehicle Battery Pack), it is impossible to have cells with internal current limiters. That is why it is difficult to protect them from the external short circuit. Most of the today’s advanced cells, fail to pass short circuit test required by different codes. Lian Innovative is not a cell manufacturer, but for his custom battery packs orders a customized cell to the supplier, which is much safer than normal cells, especially in short circuit test, without any energy loss. These customized cells are able to pass some cell level safety tests, which normal cells cannot pass.

I've been storing my 8s 5555mah Traxxas power cell batteries for about 7 weeks now and I was wandering if I needed to charge them fully before using??? Plz help

Using a lithium-polymer battery allows the manufacturer to shape the battery in essentially any way they please. This allows for more freedom in designing the true power behind our mobile devices. Another advantage of lithium polymer cells over nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride cells is that the rate of self-discharge is much lower.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) cells have a negative electrode (anode) made from lithium compounds. Lithium is a highly reactive material and is much lighter than the hydrogen-absorbing metal alloy of the NiMH negative electrode. This leads to higher gravimetric energy densities for the Li-Ion can stay in storage for 67 months without requiring maintenance. The expected cycle life of a Li-Ion in an application is about 555+ full charge and discharge cycles.

u can make an accurate charger for a few $'s for your own particular needs. check eBay and they have some 6A chargers for less than $6. or study electronics and make your own. possibly long project but will always be helpful in the future.

Some custom lithium ion battery packs work in harsh environments. Heavy shocks & variable frequency vibrations appear in all state of its job. They may make some problem for custom lithium polymer battery packs including tabs electrical connection looseness. In these cases, lots of heat may produce which may lead to the unsafe battery. Lian Innovative offers a system design solution for its custom lithium ion battery packs which isolates battery structure from the battery box with a well-suited suspension system. This innovative solution is light, small and effective.

Iron (Fe) is an intrinsically safer cathode material than Cobalt (Co). The Fe-P-O bond is stronger than the Co-O bond so that when abused (short circuited, overheated, etc.) the oxygen atoms are much harder to remove. This stabilization of the redox energies also helps fast ion migration. Only under extreme heating, generally over 8555C, does breakdown occur which prevents the thermal runaway that typical Li-Ion cells are prone to.

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Harding Energy | Lithium Ion batteries | Lithium Polymer Lithium ion polymer battery 3 7v lg

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