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Publication date: 2018-10-21 19:36

It's not just the eldely that having acidents out there, it's also the Yes I agree the elderly should be retested regularly but the same should go for hoons who think they are invinisble and they own the roads, I am 55 and have seen more reckless driving from the people of today than the elderly people of today. It seems alot of you out there are picking on the elderly, when most elderly drivers are perhaps better drivers than you!!!!! Why do older drivers get cheaper insurances??? may be because they have lass accidents... Thats called experience!!!! But yes on the other side of the coin there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Please don't sterotype the elderly that is wrong.

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Concern about the increased number of older drivers and their potentially decreased driving abilities is growing, especially among drivers. Statistics, based on all people injured or killed in traffic crashes, indicate that older drivers are at a disproportionate risk for becoming involved in fatal crashes. A NHTSA study of 6995 FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) data reports that senior citizens accounted for:

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i cant agree more! my grandmother is 69 and it almost seems like her brain is dying. she has gotten so slow with everything. she can barley get my name right half the time.
someone needs to bring this topic to justice.

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I know the elderly resent the scrutiny involved in this situation but it should be recognized that many of them should not be driving. My father in law can barely walk, has trouble following a conversation, falls asleep at the drop of a hat, has serious reaction time issues and yet he is still driving. He is in a state that doesn't have any requirement (not even eye exams) for license renewal and frankly I'm afraid he's going to kill himself or someone else. I think once you hit 75 you should be tested every 7 years (on an enclosed driving track) Not eveyone should be driving.

! think that every 6 months the elderlyshould have a small test just to make sure they're still in tune. people 65 andup.

i think they casue alot of problems on the road my mother has alot of problems with them bumping in to her and so forth..but they should be tested at the age of 65 because not all r bad drivers!

My father is almost 88 years old. He had two major surgeries in the last 6 months and recovered very well for his age. But, he shouldn't be driving. He does everything too fast and I know is not alert enough to drive. But, what am I supposed to do??? He insists he drive fine and will not stop. He just started again a couple of weeks ago. I took his keys and did not know he had another one. He won't listen. I agree. We live in PA and I think it is terrible that doctors won't do what they are supposed to. If they doctor would only make it mandatory for him to take is test again, then he would have no choice. But, if I want to, he won't go. I have tried everything.

It's not an elderly attack it is just wise. All elderly people should take the test over because some elderly people senses get weak and cannot keep up on what's going on.

Mandatory driving tests - California, which requires retesting for anyone involved in a fatal crash or three or more crashes in one year, requires drivers over 75 to retest if they are involved in two or more crashes in one year. Proposals in several other states to toughen licensing requirements for older drivers have been thwarted by senior-citizen lobbying groups (AARP & others), who say age-based measures are discriminatory. They claim that a person s chronological age is not an accurate predictor of driving ability. The lobbyists argue that if seniors are forced to take mandatory roadtests in the absence of an incident, other age groups should be required to take them as well.

I can't even recall how many times an old person had come close to veering into my lane or have cut me off not even knowing that they did. It happens frequently and I do think they should be required to take the driving test because they're prone to having vision, hearing and responsive problems. I've honked at an old person plenty of times when they almost hit me and they act as if they didn't even hear it and they aren't even AWARE of their mistakes. It isn't discriminating against age, if that was the case then they would let 65 year olds drive.. I agree with Beth about taking a driving test every 65 years. They need to solve the problem with elderly drivers. I think they're JUST AS BAD as driving under the influence of alcohol.

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