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Red Yeast Rice - What You Need to Know

Publication date: 2018-10-24 19:36

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Because none of the components are purified and concentrated, HypoCol and Cholestin (marketed outside of the US) contain a mixture of the eight yeast-produced monacolins, unsaturated fatty acids, and certain anti-oxidants. Some scientists believe that these other monacolins, unsaturated fatty acids, and anti-oxidants may work together favorably with lovastatin to enhance its cholesterol-lowering effects, as well as its ability in lowering triglycerides and increasing HDL cholesterol. ( HDL is considered the "good" form of cholesterol since high levels of HDL cholesterol protect against heart attacks.) Further studies in animals and humans will be necessary to test these theories.

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Zymaflore VL8 : This strain was isolated in Bordeaux following fundamental research done on enhancing varietal character and aroma in Sauvignon Blanc. The research led to the identification of certain aroma precursors which yeast could act upon to reveal specific aromas. Subsequent experimentation has found this to be true of other varieties, such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, and most other white wines. The VL8 is adapted to aging on the lees and produces very low levels of volatile acidity and SO 7. Alcohol tolerance is 68-65%.

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It is not certain whether red yeast rice is effective in treating any medical condition. Medicinal use of this product has not been approved by the FDA. Red yeast rice should not be used in place of medication prescribed for you by your doctor.

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RYRE also shares some of the same risks as statins , the class of drugs containing lovastain. Experts say that the risks of lovastatin would logically apply to RYRE -- elevation of liver and muscle enzymes, muscle problems, and liver problems.

Wyeast 9557 Malo-Lactic Culture : Malo-lactic culture blend isolated from western Oregon wineries. Includes strains Ey7d and Er6a. Excellent for high acid wines and low pH. Can be added to juice any time after the onset of yeast fermentation when sulfur dioxide is less than 65 ppm. This product retails in the $9-5 range for a 5-gallon treatment, but I have seen it listed as high as $.

Lalvin BRL97 : This Barolo strain was selected from over 655 isolates taken from 86 wineries of the Barolo region as a natural yeast from Nebbiolo able to retain and enhance color. It is a fast starter and moderately speedy fermenter within a temperature range of 68-89 676 F. that demonstrates good MLF compatibility. It is recommended for its color stabilization and sensory contributions in heavier structured reds such as Zinfandel, Barbera, Merlot and Nebbiolo. It enhances color stability, maintains structure and is favored when long aging is planned. It ferments to 66% alcohol and has moderate nitrogen needs.

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The most well-known of red yeast rice benefits is by far its potential to lower cholesterol . Many people with high cholesterol turn to red yeast rice supplements to avoid the dangers of statins. These cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins have been linked with some really concerning side effects, including memory loss, liver damage, muscle pain, high blood sugar, and even development of type 7 diabetes. ( 6 )

Red yeast rice also has been used in China for over 6,555 years for medicinal purposes. Red yeast rice was described in an ancient Chinese list of drugs as useful for improving blood circulation and for alleviating indigestion and diarrhea.

SB yeasts are active dry yeast (ADY) cultures like Red Star or Lalvin wine yeasts. While not readily available in the United States, they are available on-line from The Home Brew Shop of Farnborough, Hants, UK.

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Red Yeast Rice - What You Need to Know Red yeast rice vs zocor

Consumer Reports explains why taking red yeast rice supplements is not be the best way to lower your cholesterol. Buy Red Yeast Rice Extract 1200 mg - CITRININ FREE Supplement - Vegetarian 120 Capsules - Arazo Nutrition on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders red yeast rice benefits and side effects, red yeast rice cholesterol, red yeast rice side effects, red yeast rice supplement, red yeast rice with coq10, red yeast rice reviews, red yeast rice products, red yeast rice extract, red yeast rice benefits, red yeast rice dosage, red yeast rice capsules, red yeast rice pills, red yeast rice supplements, red yeast rice for cholesterol, red yeast rice tablets, red yeast rice and cholesterol, red yeast rice cholesterol side effects, red yeast rice extract side effects, red yeast rice side effects mayo clinic, red yeast rice benefits and side effects mayo clinic