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Publication date: 2018-09-16 05:12

Mille Lacs is setting records. No, not those released state-record muskies. Rather, we''re seeing the biggest ongoing PR disaster in the histories of Minnesota fishing, fisheries management, fishing-related economics, and our sportfishing culture. While citizen-stakeholders get labeled anti-science if they question the extremist workings of state-tribal co-management--yes, we do hear some dumb stuff from angler-biologists--it''s management itself that defies fisheries science and triggers distrust toward the DNR''s Section of Fisheries.

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The Anons all go out to the protest corner to see if they can get a lot of support from the cars and passersby. The reactions they receive seem to vary from week to week.

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When it came time to deliver, at a MLFAC meeting more than six months later, Committee members got nothing. After complimenting DNR data collection practices, Vandergoot said "he could address no questions about policy." He said his panel of experts decided to avoid policy matters, and not tell state managers how to run their fisheries.

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The steelhead, raised at the DNR''s Spire Valley Hatchery near Remer, will be stocked at "pre-smolt" sizes, about 5 or 6 inches in length.

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An Anon quires, “Hey, you know what?” We say, “What?” He answers, “All those Native Chiefs and everyone behind them were really smart. Given the situation they were in, with their backs to the wall and all that, they still managed to find a way to preserve something for their people. Amazing”. A Water Protector explains, “Well, it 8767 s about, you know, the SEVEN GENERATIONS”.

Kamloops rainbow trout anglers on Minnesota''s North Shore received the news they didn''t want to hear on Thursday. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced it would cease stocking the popular strain of rainbow that has provided a shore fishery for more than four decades.

Hey, they impact public policy, the public treasury, and the well-being of Minnesota resources and people! What they do is fair game for questions, discussion, debate, and criticism every day of the year.

This year the annual news cycle is already more negatively powerful than ever. It stems from treaty fisheries co-management and the state’s failure to protect state and citizen interests. Impatience is growing over state leaders who are more loyal to a flawed system than to their own citizens and Mille Lacs.

After consulting with the Occupier who brings most of the food, the Fire Magician decides to make a fairly good sized fire. That way we 8767 ll still get the pleasure of smelling the smoke and watching the flames if we make a big circle no one will become overheated.

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