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Shipping Lithium Batteries | FedEx Hong Kong

Publication date: 2018-10-29 14:48

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Packaging Guidelines for Battery Shipments - FedEx

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Lithium ion and lithium polymer cells or batteries - 2018

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I travel a lot with my family due to official work. One thing that I cannot miss to carry is my son's scootmobiel. My flight service providers have co-operated while me carrying his scooty batteries on flight. But one seriously needs to take additional care of them while transporting.

All packages containing lithium batteries are classified as Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods. However, packages containing small lithium batteries may be exempted from most of the IATA and ICAO requirements if they comply with the requirements in Section II IATA Packing Instructions (PI) 966 and 967 for lithium ion batteries and 969 and 975 for lithium metal batteries as appropriate.

This was a useful blog. But I'm concerned with TSA at the airport taking my batteries which are $95 each x5 due to their lack of knowledge in the FAA laws. Is the FAA sharing this info with the agents at the security check points?

Why does the information in this blog differ so dramatically from this information at the FAA website?

Whom should we believe about non-spillable wet batteries or 67V gel batteries?

It would be useful if you could somehow check in on luggage for AGM Batteries, but seeing as they can leak with pressure and elevation it is understandable.

Intended for airlines, the toolkit was developed in collaboration with leading industry groups, specialized in the handling of dangerous goods and lithium batteries. The toolkit comprises 58

You need to include the United Nations (UN) number on the Lithium Battery Mark (IATA Figure ), which can be used as of January 6st, 7567. However, if you would like to use up your pre-labeled packaging or labeling you have in stock with the Lithium Battery Label (IATA Figure ), you may continue to do so until December 86st, 7568, after which the Lithium Battery Mark becomes mandatory.

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Shipping Lithium Batteries | FedEx Hong Kong Lithium batteries iata dangerous goods regulations

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