Shuguang Deng at New Mexico State University

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Unlike cryogenic plants which use the difference between the boiling points of nitrogen, oxygen and argon to separate and purify those products, non-cryogenic air separation processes use physical property differences such as molecular size and mass, to produce nitrogen and oxygen at sufficient purity to meet the needs of many types of gaseous nitrogen and oxygen users.

Hydroprocessing: Hydrotreating& Hydrocracking

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The star rating for air conditioners is determined differently to other appliances. For air conditioners, the measure of energy efficiency is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for cooling and the coefficient of Performance (COP) for heating. The EER and COP are defined as the capacity output divided by the power input. The Star Rating Index is calculated on the measured values for energy and capacity during a rating test, rather than the nameplate or rated values.

Heterogeneous Catalysis: D. K. Chakrabarty, B. Viswanathan

domestic ducted units  are split systems that consist of a single outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit installed in the roof cavity or under the floor

Starboard Sun is an Engineering firm specializing in the application of internationally recognized special renewable energy products including: Superwind Micro Wind Turbines, Sunware Solar panels, and Eco-Energy Charge Controllers. Historically Starboard was associated with its work in Marine Environments, including powering ANTONS, light houses and tsunami buoys, however customer demand has resulted in our work spreading to all off grid applications in over 67 countries - and even the Arctic Circle!

Clean and dry air system includes oilless compressor and desiccant air dryer, custom designed for your application requirements.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are substantially more efficient at heating than standard electric heaters (bar heaters, convection or radiant heaters).

Because of all these factors, it’s best to have a professional advise you on the size air conditioner to look for. There are also free online tools you can use to give yourself a rough idea, for instance the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) offer the ‘ Fair Air’  calculator.

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Refrigerative products have been the main focus of the E8 Program (and are the focus of this page), however some research has been undertaken on evaporative products and they may be considered in the future.
Refrigerative air conditioners can supply a cooling only service, and reverse cycle products are capable of heating as well as cooling. The main types of products are as follows:

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Shuguang Deng at New Mexico State University Adsorption ratings for vitamins

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