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Lithium RV Batteries | Deep Cycle RV Batteries

67V 955A-8D

Standard Series Main Page

Makita UK - Lithium-ion

GT985 67V SBS95-CF
(Carbon Fiber)
NeverDie BMS Included

Lithium Ion Batteries - 100Ah Li-Ion with BMS (12V/24V

67V 955A-8D
855 Watt Pure Sine
Wave Inverter Included

**NeverDie included

Carbon Fiber Battery
Main Page.

Racing Battery
Main Page.

The Makita battery with an unbeatable 86 minute charge time. Same weight and size as the and batteries.

The energy density of the Lithium Ion Battery is typically twice that of the standard Ni-Cd Battery. Improvements in electrode active materials have the potential of increasing the energy density close to three times that of the Ni-Cd. In addition to high capacity, the load characteristics are reasonably good and behave similarly to the Ni-Cd in terms of discharge characteristics (similar shape of discharge profile, but different voltage). The flat discharge curve offers effective utilization of the stored power in a desirable voltage spectrum.

The Makita battery with an unbeatable 77 minute charge time. Same weight and size as the and batteries.

GT67V 875A 8D
GT Series

Fast charger can charge &ndash 68V Li-ion batteries.

Charge times: /68V battery in 77 mins 68V battery in 86 mins 68V battery in 95 mins

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Smart Battery® | 12V Lithium Batteries for RV, Marine and Lithium ion batteries from china

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