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Publication date: 2018-10-30 05:12

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These are a series of many small cells, and are not high enough drain or capacity for vaping. You 8767 d be significantly safer with two IMR 68655 or 76655 cells in series. You could also use a buck converter to boost voltage from a source.

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This comment from Amazon seems to address your question:
Do these have AAAA cells inside? Some do, but others use cells that looks like tiny Altoids tins.
No, neither. I had the fusible link in one fail after an (extended) accidental short, so I opened it up. It contained 7x 6/8 AAAs securely welded in series inside in a honey-comb-soap-bar type carrier. Unfortunately, the individual 6/8 AAA cells had no heat shrink over them, so it is more difficult to put the salvaged cells to good use. But, these 9V batteries are excellent, and out perform many competitive batteries that claim more capacity.

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About that battery voltage in general, is there consistency for Li-ion in PP8 format? Most people suggest two cells, only , but I have seen a picture of a Saft pp8 that clearly has three very obvious bulges, cylinders that lie across the width of the battery, so assuming cells instead of , gives , a little about that of a very fresh Duracell. Three cells would give a much better voltage to mimic a good quality new PP8 alkaline cell, so if Saft do this (and Saft have been making batteries for decades, and usually of types that become major standards taken up by most other firms years after Saft got there), why would two cells be a standard?

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Where do I purchase 9V rechargeable batteries and a charger. I have a tens unit. Which charger & battery do you suggest.

I 8767 m thinking about getting these for work (community college). We have 8 wireless mics for our auditorium and almost all of our smoke alarms and other sensors use 9v batteries. Be nice to have a rechargeable that doesn 8767 t drain down when not in use, recharges more times than NiMH, and doesn 8767 t contain any heavy metals.

if im trying to find the best high output 9v, if im understanding correctly- im lead to believe the best solution is a low discharge. would i also need to make sure my charger can bring that much intelligence?

Nominal Volts of of the Lithium is a whole volt lower than the Volt of the NiMh.. but I don 8767 t know if 8775 nominal voltage 8776 is that different.

. I haven 8767 t found a good charger for Li-ion batteries. All my normal chargers do a poor job. I 8767 d rather charge slowly than quickly but can 8767 t find a good Li-ion slow charger. They all seem to be quick chargers.

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The Best 9V Rechargeable Battery - MetaEfficient Lithium ion 9v rechargeable battery

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