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When Castiel searches for any signs of Amara , he hears a noise coming from the woods and produces his angel blade. When investigating he finds the angel Ambriel , worried he will kill her, Castiel assures her he won't and puts his blade away. Later when Ambriel is attacked by Amara, Castiel takes out his blade in a vain attempt to fight the Darkness, the fight lasts seconds before Amara sends Castiel away.

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When Ms. Watt attacks, Castiel draws his angel blade to use against her, but her enchanted brass knuckles enable her to overpower him and make him drop his angel blade. As Ms. Watt goes to kill Dean with his own gun, Mary Winchester retrieves Castiel's angel blade and stabs Ms. Watt through the back with it, killing her.

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After finding the angel tablet, Castiel , under Naomi 's orders, beats Dean to get the tablet while holding his blade, but resists killing him with it. Ultimately Dean breaks through to Castiel who drops his blade and picks up the tablet which breaks Naomi's control over him.

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In Various & Sundry Villains , when Lucifer tries to get Castiel to trust him and give Lucifer some of his grace , Castiel refuses, noting that he'd trusted Lucifer when they fought the Darkness together and got betrayed.

The City of London Sinfonia once again joins the Choir of Salisbury Cathedral and soloists – Katherine Watson, Anna Harvey, Andrew Kennedy and Matthew Brook under the baton of David Halls - for a s

Sully reveals to Sam that the zannas are aware of the Darkness' presence on the Earth, though admits he is not sure what it is exactly.

In search of God, Amara enters the home of Donatello and attacks him, demanding he tell her the whereabouts of God. When Donatello refuses, Amara absorbs his soul and gains the knowledge. She travels to Kansas and enters the Men of Letters' Bunker , after having taken down the wardings.

She is one of the two fundamental components of reality itself, the other being her brother God. If one of them is destroyed, reality ceases to exist. [9] [69]

Later, in Apocalypse World , Gabriel arms himself with a regular angel blade rather than his archangel blade but doesn't use the weapon.

A trio of angels interrupt Dean and Amara , and demand that Amara give herself over to them or feel the wrath of every angel in Heaven come down upon her. Unimpressed, Amara smites the head angel, forces the second angel to stab himself in the head with his own blade and atomizes the third.

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